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SketchUp te koop bij CADkoop


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SketchUp is the ideal products for working easily and quickly. SketchUp is more than a drawing tool for sketching. With SketchUp, you can make spectacular models, cross sections and animations very precisely. SketchUp can be used on both MAC and Windows.

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SketchUp Pro 2015 - who was it meant for?

SketchUp was designed especially for architects, designers, builders, the manufacturing industry and engineers. Actually for anybody who is designing the world around us. SketchUp is a fantastic product for ensuring that they deliver terrific work!


SketchUp Pro 2015. What's new?

Improved performance in the 2015 version

  • SketchUp Pro is now available as a 64-bit version. This delivers particularly good improvements with larger models, exporting large images or animations and when using a rendering plug-in.
  • An improved Face Finder, so that such actions as Explode are considerably faster and more reliable.
  • The styles in SketchUp and self-made styles can now be labelled in Fast Styles. This allows you to render even more quickly.
  • Vector models are loaded dynamically. This ensures significant performance improvement, particularly when opening documents.


New SketchUp tools

  • With the Rotated Rectangle tool, right angles can now be twisted in every conceivable orientation while creating them.
  • You can also draw an arc using the 3-Point Arc tool. You define an arc on the basis of 3 points. There are now 4 ways to draw on arc.
  • IFC Import is now available in SketchUp Pro. You can now import all your BIM models into SketchUp.
  • The LayOut Label tool is revised. They are easier to align and have become more clever! Information can be displayed as a BIM classification or as an attribute.


SketchUp Pro 2015 - functionality

The Tools in SketchUp are powerful because they can often do 1 or 2 things extremely well without your having to figure out how these tools work. The functionality of the tools is extremely important, but must not be at the expense of user-friendliness!

SketchUp Pro allows you to create 3-D models very quickly and simply and to visualise these models with textures and animations. View the sun's shadows and embellish drawings with standard components (trees, people, cars). Make cross sections of your model and walk through your design. SketchUp Pro 2014 is designed especially for professionals who want to visualise their ideas.


 3-D modelling

•Place buildings and 3-D context on Google Earth

•SketchUp Pro is for both professional and commercial use (the free version is not)

•Generate professional working documents and presentations

•And much more......