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Ordering Procedure


1.  You select a product (and possibly options) and click "in shopping cart"






Examples of options you might select:
- Subscription,
- Serial number to be upgraded







2.  You see a summary with the total price and you click "Place order to checkout"









Select a suitable item, as desired - a training course, book or 3-D mouse, for example.







3. You now arrive at the Checkout page where you fill in delivery information and select a method of payment, all on the same page.
Your order gets placed when you click on "Place your order". Payment is processed by ICEPAY.





Enter your delivery info here and select a method of payment.



By registering at the bottom of the page, you can track the status of your order.
If you wish to re-order, your e-mail address and password are then sufficient to log in.








4.  Delivery

The order is sent once the payment has been received, or paid via a one-time payment order, e.g. You are notified of this by e-mail. Digital deliveries are made by e-mail using serial numbers and/or other information.
Physical shipments are delivered by a transport company within 1-2 days to the indicated address.


5.  Invoicing

After delivery, you receive a digital invoice which includes, e.g., the software serial number so that you can always see what you purchased.


Order status


If you ticked the registration box, you can track your order's status, among other things. The possible statuses include:

This means that the order has been received but that the payment is not yet visible.

Being processed
The order and the payment have been received. The order is now being processed.

The order has left our warehouse and is being delivered to you.

The order was cancelled by the person who placed the order, or by the shop.

Held back
Something is not OK: the order is being held back temporarily by the shop until the problem is resolved.